Anaïs Nony

Co- Founder

Born and raised in France, Anaïs Nony grew up in the banlieues of Paris and spent most of her childhood in theater venues due to her mother working as a seamstress. She holds a BA and MA in Theater Studies and a PhD in Media Studies from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle and the University of Minnesota Respectively. She held multiple doctoral and postdoctoral appointments at New York University’s Tisch School for the Arts, Cornell University, Florida State University, University of the Western Cape and University of Fort Hare. Her work on aesthetics and technologies is published in international journals such as Cultural Critique, Philosophy Today, Parallax, The Moving Image, Africultures among other platforms. She is currently a lecturer in Media Arts and Politics at the University College Cork, Irlande and an associate researcher in the Histoire des Arts et des Représentations institute at Université Paris Nanterre. 


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