About00Time (A00T) is a digital cultural platform whose function is to counteract the preemptive powers of technology that alienate living and non-living beings today. A00T grounds itself in the practice of nurturing forms of cultural work that aim to defy the misanthropic processes of this late-capitalist era. A00T aims to encourage gestures of radical care in contemporary artistic and cultural forms of expression. It does this through mobilising fragments of artistic and cultural life and curatorially situating them in the realms of the corporeal, the digital, and the spiritual world. A00T sees forms of emancipation as being firmly rooted in the kind of freedom afforded to human life and cultural existence. The project of A00T is to invent modalities of existence in our time and space that derive their source independent of the suffocating dynamics of systematised alienation. A00T’s vision is anchored in the fluid generativity of the past and wants to use the notion of “becoming past” as a method to boldly shape the “here and now,” in the process of finding experimental notions of imaginaries of a collective future. A00T is firmly opposed to the preemptive agents of human alienation and domination and finds it an absolute necessity to invent transcendent relational platforms of cultural exchange in our globally interconnected world. To do so, A00T commits to occupying cultural time and enabling the production of forms of awareness that disrupt and reinvent cartographies of power imposed on our real or idealised notions of space, time and human connection. A00T makes use of these modalities to design a digital conduit that is going to carry out the cultural work required to breathe life into collective imaginaries and generate aesthetic practices of transformation.