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a future that has to do less with the past?

an experimentation into fugitive forms of thinking and affect...

the new comes after remnants of old disappear

when the deadness of winter lingers no more,

but first -

fragmentation has to happen

dislocation of bodies from cosmological firma.

uproot the stem.

the soul from the seat.


bricolage of memories jettisoned along the vastness of oceans,


by waves of avarice,

flowing like flotsam

violent inventions and erasures,

like ripples:

middle passages

kinship lines




recourse to traditions of old.

ebonics entangled in sites of western accumulation,

a gift to the world stolen,

erecting categories

‘the-other’ regulated into property

western invention of self killed indigeneity.

modernity understood in colonial prisms

poses a perpetual threat to ‘unhooked’ of futurities;

conventions disrupting vital force

suspended into

lack of intention

explicit inertia

interminable interferences,

performing incantations in the present


material objects emptied and embezzled of basis;

shadows of spirituality, latent echoes of the past denoted in the present.

suffrage smothered in callous value systems

predicated on western significations

habitualise suffocation,

illnesses of existence manufacturing spectacles of alterity


deficiencies in representing the authentic,


no vigour in da vitalism;

alterations of the corporeal,

proliferating commotion

the social self in a phenomenological twist meanders through desolate tunnels

in search of translation,

diminished returns for the self,

outcomes of

loss of personhood in the infinite boundlessness;

are these


dialectics of space?

behold! the gestures of tradition that decorate the nest of culture.


new circuits of production take flight


the superfluity of mimesis

decapitation of Sankofa

complexes untethered from the past engendering uncertainty about the future,

Akan mythologies…

Sun solar Ra-dicalisms

channelling introspection of monumental proportions

ancestral fecundity reimagined in form,

atomic and holistic

amalgamate in

the now...

continuous movement towards revolution

cosmopolitan exoticism

an unlikely coexistence?


difficult to locate…

be with the zeitgeist,


sentiments sent (w)rapped in black,

reason burns in hell

metaphors requiring translation,

the ephemera of attitudes that produce our time.

contemporary modes of relation,

a hindrance to poetics forming relations

coexistence of presence and non-presence

a synthesis of dualities

past culture and future alienation,

into a


the antithesis to the desires of the commons

rhetorics of domination

odes to earlier conceptions

ETA - the post-nation?

strategizing essentialisms

seeking to reinvent


reproducing orientalised subjects,


stifling fumes emitted inside frictional zones

backs to the wall


energy of collectivism

troubles the hubris of language,

devolves structures of contemporary culture; evincing the impoverishment of the architecture of our time,

digitized analogues

here we are costumed in contentment

reflecting on....

rendez-vous of commonality -

giving to receive.


reciprocalities along latitudes of hybridity,

humanism spins on an oblong axis.

large-scale fabrications built upon ancient beliefs,

essentialisms deny identity, meaning and genealogy,

pushing against the praxis of aesthetics of self-constitution.

meaning rendered forever

porosity of understanding produce particularities and

skews paths,

premeditating pandemonium

by any means necessary

emergency reappraisals en masse

addressing structures of hegemony

to remove the stasis of its own making.



connect to the radiance of collective essence

accentuate solidarity

affirm the right human sovereignty

let rain descend again.

Author: Phokeng Setai


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ha ho cha, ke eng e salang

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