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it is about time

About time

it is about time to…

make space for pluralities to exist

wherein beings coexist

where no one feels like they have to resist

against infrastructure whose violence persists

it is about time to...

heal the wounds of colonization

build from the ground a collective power for change

refuse that which cannot happen on new terms

defy the governing of the many by the few

it is about time to be indignant about the abuses

it is about time to…

look at ourselves and the evil that in us resides

discreetly perpetuating a particular divide

that thrives on the existence of opposing sides

the polarised worldview of our times

is brought to life each and every time we open our eyes

it is about time to...

hold our head and be held by the wise arms of the ones we have been waiting for

who have been building to survive, thriving to stay alive

it is about time to embrace the vision of the youth and the strength of elders, viscerally

as to pursue values that can overcome power multiversally

it is about time to...hold close the moments we share, the bodies we love, the souls we inhabit

it is about time to…

work seriously towards a paxis determined to remove oppressive functions

driven by nefarious compulsions

to move against the suffocating pulses of racist empires

whose desire is to erase the expressivity of the soul

burning its sparks in the torturing fires

it is about time to...

reinvent geographies of knowledge

draw cartographies of lineage

create space of care where hospitality is called home and conviviality the host


new roads to take shape

new forms of collective existence to hatch out

for us to map out modalities of curating (caring as cultivating) each others

it is about time to…

connect with the souls that walk the dark forest of the present

walking hand in hand a symbol of illumination

a timeous education walking as an apparition

a splitting of experience into a sharing of universal presence

at essence in the future we see no clarity or clearance

like in a whisper to the ears of the ones that can uncode, unlearn, undo the logic of coloniality

it is about time to…

make a mark on history

to hear our voice in its telling

that writes over the past as it speaks

making new narratives while maintaining a progressive beat

it is about time for beauty to be daily life

for smiles to become paradigms

for generosity to become home

for justice to become public forms of solidarity

it is about time...

to love one another

in a way that is not a show of one's ability to give and not receive

that acts as symbol of vulnerability, it makes us all human

realising that the blood that runs through our bodies pours into the eternal waters of human becoming

we should let the becoming becomes itself

it is about time to...

imagine forms of exchange

undo the aims of the rules of law

replace transactions with cooperative forms of relations

it is about time to…

grieve in collective rituals of intensities

embody forms of collective imaginaries

practice political staging of utopias

it is about time…

to say what we feel

that the struggle is longer than we expected

that the conditions in which we fight are unequal

that our bodies are used against us

that the fight is not meant for us

it is about time

to defund the very settler logic that impacts and prevents other modes of existence to take shape

to undo the thread that has woven history with pain, power with suffering, sovereignty with empire

alas, we find ourselves in it

the hands that grip the pen to rewrite history are pierced and bloodied by its narrative

for the children of the universe to be diminished in this way is a grotesque wrong

that the earth weeps about every day

but yet, we make hay, the smiles are bright and they are cleaner than white

they are black like the future that we face

it is a just future

cause in black there is nothing and everything at the same time

the future will be be made through this moonlight portal

laolina & mongakobo e bohale

Ha ho cha, ke eng e salang

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